Day 20 – New Horizons

Nintendo really came through in the clutch. What looked like a weekend that would be filled with another day of staring at one of various screens trying to avoid the horrors of the outside world suddenly became one of joy and shared experiences… through a more interactive screen? Released today was Animal Crossing: New Horizons. A game that is so simple that it somehow makes everything seem like it’s going to be okay. I spent a bit of my “lunch break” diving back into the world that consumed quite a bit of time in my youth. The premise goes like this: a raccoon, named Tom Nook, tricks you into doing a bunch of work for his, I assume, criminal enterprise by flying you out for an “island getaway”. There you are required to do activities such as: interact with your neighbors, chop down trees, pull weeds, plant flowers, gather materials to do DIY projects, collect fruits and seashells, go fishing, and stock your house with various items. Once you get past that you’ve been bamboozled by a raccoon, these activities are actually quite relaxing knowing what awaits you outside in the real world. A new feature added to this game is the ability to visit other “islands” designed by other Nintendo Switch users. It will be a fun way to connect with my siblings who live all over: Colorado, California, and China… which I’m now seeing all start with the letter C and wondering what that means. Will I end up in Connecticut? Cambodia? Cameroon? Sorry, I know you’re still wanting more information about Animal Crossing and not about places starting with the letter C like Croatia, Canada, or Columbia. The truth is I’m not sure what else awaits me. What else is Tom Nook up to? What is he planning on doing with the animals I catch for him? I guess I’ll find out and keep you posted, because I cannot read about what’s happening in the real world anymore. It’s also giving me writer’s block for the first time ever as my brain is overwhelmed with anger and concern. Stay safe everyone! You’re all wonderful!

8 thoughts on “Day 20 – New Horizons

  1. I LITERALLY have not stopped playing for like……10 hours. Except to answer emails and take calls from parents… but I have not stopped. It brings such a sense of calm and nostalgia. Big fan. It’s adorable, so far. My brother and I both bought switches before they sold out, basically everywhere….so we are reveling in our newfound island joy together!

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  2. After reading this all I’m thinking about is how many countries & states I can name that start with the letter C.It’s like that episode of Friends where they try to name all 50 states in 6 minutes.


  3. Same! Writers block is real. I keep hiding my phone from myself. Pulled out the Wii and Wii resort kicked my a$$. Specifically, the slicing game in which I let out tons of energy and completely through my right arm off course.


  4. It’s great to find something that takes your mind away from what’s going on in the world today. Escapism??? Your slice shares the worry and concern most of us are engulfed by. As I was reading I was trying to find links between the game and real life. Thanks


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