Day 21 – Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Today, I chopped wood, picked apples, peaches, oranges, cherries, and pears, planted flowers and fruit trees, built a fishing rod, a table, an ax, a shovel (which I used to dig up fossils) and a bug net (which I used to catch a variety of bugs), took multiple plane rides to visit both sisters and a co-worker, and I spent some time at the beach fishing. All while selling goods to earn cash to finish paying off my house.

My fruit farm!

I know it sounds like a lot… but I haven’t been this relaxed since being cooped up in my house. The simple tasks of collecting items and selling them off or donating fish and bugs to a museum have been a great escape from the horrors that lurk outside or on the news. The virtual world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been an absolute blessing. I still don’t know how Nintendo timed the release so perfectly but they did. I had been running consistently for the last three months, but not only have the gyms closed down, the weather has turned foul with the forecast in the 30s and rain almost daily.

So to sum up my day on the Switch I’ll end with a quote: “Today was a good day” – Ice Cube



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