Day 24 – SMH

My colleague and very good friend had asked me if I had seen the news lately. I had been avoiding it like I’m avoiding close proximity and large groups of people. So I clicked on and… what happened in the 24 hours since I last looked?! So I decided to take a trip down memory lane to piece it all together:

Remember when the Supreme Court said that corporations were people?

Remember when the Supreme Court said that those “people” could donate unlimited amounts of money to political candidates because #FreeSpeech?

Remember when those corporations found a way to make real people “free lance” so they didn’t have to pay them health insurance?

Remember how corporations said that living wages weren’t doable because they couldn’t afford it, but states that pushed through with a higher hourly law were doing fantastic?

Remember how they tried to justify the low pay as “unskilled” labor and we now rely heavily on that labor to provide us with basic necessities during a pandemic? #EssentialWorkers

Remember how corporations would tell people that they should have money saved up for a rainy day to weather any storm, but as soon as their workers are ordered to stay home, they were crying for a bailout?

Which leads us to the present, the President of the United States of America is now calling for people to sacrifice themselves and their families well-being so that the corporations’ stocks can feel a little better (as if the trillions pumped in haven’t been enough).

Meanwhile across the pond, European nations with their nationalized healthcare systems (no oversized bills for coronavirus tests for their citizens), their governments are guaranteeing citizens up to 90% of their income while they are out of work, mortgage/rent payments are frozen, and their police officers are serenading citizens stuck in their homes. Even Venezuela (or as some call it, “VENEZUELAAAAAAAA!!!!!” while shaking their fists at the sky) is freezing these payments.

Well, I think it’s safe to say that I’m going back to not watching the news for the foreseeable future. I’ll poke my head out of my burrow every once in a while to see if spring has come early, but until then… stay safe, everyone.

4 thoughts on “Day 24 – SMH

  1. This has been my standard practice most of the school year. I have enough stress to respond to in daily life and responsibilities without absorbing the stress of things over which o have no control. It would make me a lousy AP Lang teacher, but since I do not teach that and it’s not looking promising for next year either, I chalk it up to self-care.

    I know enough— and that’s good enough.

    Take care. Stay well.

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