Day 28 – The Stable Song

In these times of trouble, we all need a destressor or some way to get us out of the funk that is creeping into our daily lives. People turn to meditation, mindfulness practices, hobbies, binge watching, music, or nonstop Animal Crossing. Music can be a powerful tool that can fill us with all sorts of emotion like calmness and relaxation. For me, my go-to musician of choice is Gregory Alan Isakov, particularly his album “Gregory Alan Isakov with the Colorado Symphony.” 

My favorite place in the entire world is my grandparents’ cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (the UP). The greatest feeling in the world is sitting by a campfire after a helping of s’mores staring up at all the stars letting your body relax after a day of kayaking, fishing, and hiking. The only sounds hitting your ears are the pop of a log in the fire, the croaks of frogs in the distance, the wind working its way through the trees, and, on a good night, the howl of a wolf. 

Gregory Alan Isakov’s music is the only music that can generate that feeling for me. Hailing from Colorado, a state full of national parks, he captures that sound/feeling well. I first heard his music with him opening for one of my favorite musicians, Josh Ritter. The concert was in this old church in Chicago and I was just blown away watching this violinist wreck his bow playing with passion. You could see that the four men on stage were passionate about their music and loved it. I left that concert with a new favorite musician and have now seen him play four times. Each show was as incredible as the previous one. 

Like yesterday’s blog post, I recommend cranking that music up as loud as your eardrums will let you tolerate. Every string is struck deliberately and gracefully harmonizing in a way that will send vibrations of calm into your body. The lyrics are full of poetry that paints a wonderful story. The combination of every note, voice, pluck and strum hits its intended target. 

My favorite song off of the album is “Liars”. The drop and launch in the song thrusts your heart into motion when the sound waves hit your ears. Give it a listen and enjoy the rest of the album. I promise you you’ll love this one no matter what your taste of music is.

6 thoughts on “Day 28 – The Stable Song

  1. I listened to it & it reminds me of The Civil Wars. Not necessarily in the sound but the rawness of the voice especially on the song Barton Hollow. I’ll be listening to Gregory more I think. I’ve been listening to music lately that reminds me of high school days (Dave Matthews Band) and college days (Mae).

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    1. I can’t listen to Dave Matthews since he dumped a bunch of poo on unsuspecting people on an architecture boat tour going over a bridge in Chicago. That and I confuse him, Jack Johnson, and John Mayer. They’re all the same person in my head.


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