Day 31 – I’ll Try It

Last year’s Slice of Life was far easier. I kinda had a plan for what I wanted to write daily. This year; however, I went in with zero ideas and let the wind take me where it pleased. The results, I found, were much better and pushed me as a writer.

I started with some pretty heartfelt posts about family and how we care for each other in this country. I try not to get political in writing because I don’t want to offend anybody, but, frankly, as we look what has happened since everyone went into lock down I don’t feel bad about anything I’ve written. The government is currently handing out cash like it’s Monopoly money and if you still truly think that things like Medicare-for-All/tuition free college/student debt elimination/etc. aren’t possible because of cost, you haven’t been paying attention to anything. We could have had all these things for years, but the truth is unless someone is making ungodly amounts of profit off of that human suffering nothing is going to be done. Right now there is a hospital in Philadelphia that’s not being used IN A PANDEMIC because the owner of it wants millions of dollars. We have to do better as a nation and demand that all human beings are treated like human beings and not something to profit off of.

I tried out fiction for the first time. That was weird, but oddly satisfying. I’ll probably try it again next year and include some dialogue. I tried out second person, which was uncomfortable at first. I still don’t understand the appeal to it, but I can respect those that write in that format. It definitely uses a different part of the writing brain. I tried getting better at writing with more descriptions and painting a picture for my reader. I need to do more of this. I also recommended some music that I love. I even wrote about making a recipe! I tried not to put too much of a terrible story that my reader had to get through before actually finding what they originally wanted.

Writing can be very liberating. Sharing yourself through the written language in hopes that your reader learns a little bit about you, hoping your point is clear and concise, making someone laugh and that the joke landed, or just being able to get someone out of the current world around them. It’s all very appealing. I’ll definitely be back for Round 3 next year. Until then, stay safe, try something new (unless its going outside… don’t do that) and tell those around you that you love them.

7 thoughts on “Day 31 – I’ll Try It

  1. Enjoyed your work this year, friend. Like you said, your work was truly varied this year, and I appreciated that. Most of all, your politics put humans first, and that’s something people seem to have forgotten. I’m glad the world has you to remind them.

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  2. I didn’t see your posts every day (it’s kind of hard when there’s 200 people writing), but I did enjoy the posts of yours that I did read. Your writing is thoughtful. I like writing which makes me think, so yours was great in helping me keep my brain exercised. Keep on writing! 🙂 ~JudyK

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