Day 24 – The Spaghetti Monster

With the speed and accuracy of an octopus,

Ten tiny fingers grasp sauce covered noodles.

In the blink of an eye,

they are gone.



I imagine this is what NASA sees

when the blackhole does it’s thing.

It’s funny to think about

an event horizon for spaghetti.

When the noodles disappear,

reinforcements are called in.

There seems to be no end.

A new tactic must be tried

Watermelon chunks are deployed.

With an even faster fervor,



They are rapidly depleted.

It seems the months between the last batch of watermelon

Left the taste buds longing.

Alas, the end is near.

The tiny hands begin to share the remnants of what’s left.

A toothy grin tells me

the Spaghetti Monster is satisfied.

6 thoughts on “Day 24 – The Spaghetti Monster

  1. Aww! This needs a “Love” button! I saw ‘spaghetti monster’ and had to click, know I would get a smile and that you did. I’m giggling over ‘an event horizon for spaghetti’. Thank you and your satisfied spaghetti monster for the grins.

    Liked by 1 person

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